Drug Delivery

Gel Structure Stability Test During Delivery

Before and after injection through a simulated syringe protocol

Drug Delivery-6b


  1. The structure stability of either AGO™ Gel or TRA Gel showed excellent stable condition before and after injection, which indicates drug released from the gel remained unchanged after operation;
  2. While stressing the gel in the syringe, the gel turned into a flowable liquid-like gel, flowed out the syringe and relocated into the host body (such as SC site). After removing the stress, the gel turned into a non-flowable solid-like gel in the host and continued to exercise drug release and gel degradation in the site of injection.

Spike Protein Modified AGO™ Nanoparticles

FITC: a fluorescence dye (Green dot)

CaCO-2 cell: Human colon adenocarcinoma cell lines (a model cell with ACE2 receptors on cell membrane)

Protein-modified AGO™ nanoparticles showed efficient internalization into the Caco-2 cells (Green dot)

Drug Delivery-1
Drug Delivery-2

Observation: AGO™ nanoparticles can be endocytosed largely and efficiently by the CaCo-2 cells in a 1-h incubation time period.

AGO™ Gel on cell transplantation in Corneal-damaged model for Corneal repair

Drug Delivery-3
Drug Delivery-4a