Using our cutting-edge AGO™ nanoparticle technology to increase the effectiveness,  reduce the side effects of anti-cancer drugs and to establish a platform for affordable precision therapeutics and improved compliance for patients suffering from cancers.



Stabilization – Prolong shelf-life of the drug, and friendly storage conditions (e.g., stored at ambient environment).

Excipient free – Without using allergy-causing and/or side-effect-causing substances, such as surfactants or chemicals.

Green & Simple – Eco-friendly water-based one-pot synthesis manufacturing process with FDA-approved natural material.

Strength of Core Technology

We provide an all-in-one drug delivery system service with a natural nanocarrier, a one-pot simple and green process, and a multi-functional and synergistic drug design. Our unique and innovative AGOTM Drug Delivery System (ADDSTM ) consists of three modules.


Product Development & Service

Scientist in laboratory examining liquid in Erlenmeyer flask.

Formulaion Development:
Dosage form with drug delivery modality can be designed specifically from injection (SC, IV, IM), oral, inhalation, to spray formulation.

Dosing Development:
We formulate various dosages of specific functionalized protocols, including controlled release profile, targeting, drug-loading capability with efficacious delivery.

Synergistic Drug Development:
Through specific drug combination by co-encapsulation, co-delivery and efficacious optimization of multiple drugs, including a combination of Biologic drug and chemo drug; a mixture of Biologic drugs: a mixture of chemo drugs and nucleic acid drugs.