Business & Services

Our Business

Oncopeutic’s business model is to partner with drug manufacturers of existing anti-cancer drugs and pharmaceutical companies that are developing new anti-cancer drugs, biosimilars or synergistic drugs, even cells, to develop new formulations that use AGO™ to administer the drug into cancer patients and deliver the drug’s active ingredient to the intended site of the body on a targeted and controlled release basis.

Collaboration & Licensing:
We seek to partner with anti-cancer drug manufacturers; we pair our proprietary AGO™ drug delivery system with their drugs of clinical significance to explore and commercialize with high efficiency and potency.

Contract Service:
We provide formulation design and product development as well as offer Contract Manufacturing (CMO) and Contract Development Manufacturing (CDMO) Services.

Business People Meeting Discussion Working Concept
Team of medical research scientists conducting vaccine development with help of high tech, test tubes, micropipette and writing down analysis results on computer in modern equipped laboratory at night

Product Development Service

Formulaion Development:
Dosage form with drug delivery modality can be designed specifically from injection (SC, IV, IM), oral, inhalation, to spray formulation.

Dosing Development:
We formulate various dosages of specific functionalized protocols, including controlled release profile, targeting, drug-loading capability with efficacious delivery.

Synergistic Drug Development:
Through specific drug combination by co-encapsulation, co-delivery and efficacious optimization of multiple drugs, including a combination of Biologic drug and chemo drug; a mixture of Biologic drugs: a mixture of chemo drugs and nucleic acid drugs and more.

Protocol for New Formulation Design
(In-Vitro to Animal Test)