Product Development Platform

Application of AGO™ Drug Delivery System (ADDS™)

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Feature of ADDS™ Platform

◼ Our ADDS™ platform can be applied to any kinds of drug development in anti-viral, oncology, vaccine and gene/cell/immune therapeutic and theranostic areas.

◼ We offer one-stop shop services for any research and development stage in drug formulation and dosage release delivery with a lower cost of raw material.

◼ Drug encapsulated into an AGO™ Gel nanocarrier have the following advantages:

  • Increases product stability and storage condition
  • Reduces patient response in toxicity and side effects
  • Enhances drug penetration into the cell
  • Allows for a controlled release and targeting of the drug to the site of tumors or diseases

AGO™ Drug Delivery System Platform

A. Large and small molecule drug delivery

B. Biosimilar and/or ADC drug delivery

C. Synergistic combination of biologics & chemo drugs delivery platform

D. mRNA anti-cancer immunotherapy delivery platform

E. Cell delivery system for regenerative medicine

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